How Emotional Brain Training (EBT) Can Help You

You’ll learn how to use Emotional Brain Training (EBT) to manage your stress, control anxiety, and handle depression. You’ll also learn how to let go of your addictions, like food, shopping, overworking, and drama. Using EBT tools will enable you to be nicer to yourself, your children, and your partner and work with a better attitude.

If you’re concerned about overeating, drinking too much, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or anxiety, EBT can help you achieve joy and balance in your life.

EBT Helps You Feel Better Without Changing Your Entire Life

Maybe you don’t need a different job, more money, a new spouse, better acting kids, or a hotter body. Perhaps you can experience the joy, balance, peace, and wellbeing you deserve without these changes. That’s where emotional brain training comes in.

My clients continually tell me that they’re amazed at how quickly they feel better.

EBT Outcomes For My Clients

  • Establish better connections & relationships with your children
  • Access stress reduction tools anywhere — 100% portable
  • Reduce or eliminate panic attacks
  • Improve relationships with coworkers
  • Enhance emotional and physical health


The University of California, San Francisco, developed Emotional Brain Training to help people rewire their brains. It takes practice, just like taking up tennis, learning to speak Spanish, or playing the piano.

EBT is an evidence- and brain-based intervention. It takes support (we’re social mammals; our brains need other brains to develop). I use Emotional Brain Training techniques and practices to help empower, motivate, and support my clients’ wellbeing.

Research has shown that people who use EBT over the long term tend to experience lasting improvements in depression, anxiety, and relationships.

EBT is based on cutting-edge neuroscience and is practical, effective, and easy to learn. It helps reduce blood pressure, weight, and addictions. Once you understand EBT tools, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.