What I Do

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why isn’t my life working better?” or “What would life be like with less stress?” We all have triggers, repetitive patterns, coping mechanism and (quite frankly), ‘stuff’ that can become emotional trash. Sometimes it is really obvious because it negatively impacts a person’s life or relationships (e.g., depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.). But sometimes what a person is experiencing may not qualify for a mental health diagnosis. These are the areas I focus on so as to better relieve your stress so you can focus on what is important in life.

How Does Emotional Brain Training Enhance Your Life?

Emotional Brain Training (EBT) gives you practical tools that help you resolve stress and adopt healthier coping strategies. You might know what’s wrong with your life. Still, you might not know for sure how to make changes that could instead address your anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional eating, and other addictions.

Emotional Brain Training tools will teach you how to make positive changes in your life by going directly to the root cause of what’s upsetting you most and in time you’ll begin to feel better by learning to rewire your own brain toward resilience and more joy.

Traditional Talk Therapy Vs. Emotional Brain Training

Just like traditional talk therapy, you’ll learn to identify issues in your life that you need to address. Then we work together to resolve them.

However, unlike traditional therapy, Emotional Brain Training teaches you how to recognize your anxieties and the triggers that cause you stress. And you’ll also learn how to change your reaction to these stressful issues in your life.

This new knowledge empowers you to live a healthy, balanced, more joyful life. It’s simple, and it’s a skill set you’ll use forever.

EBT’s Long-Term Value — Effective Self-Regulation & A Vibrant Life

It’s important to understand that EBT is different from talk therapy. In traditional talk therapy, you tend to feel better while expressing your feelings during a session with your therapist.

Sometimes, however, soon after you finish your session, the anxiety, depression, and feelings of self-doubt can creep back in. But with Emotional Brain Training skills, you’ll be able to self-regulate throughout the day.

You’ll learn to understand the five different brain states you’ve been living with for years. Using Emotional Brain Training tools, you’ll live a more vibrant life full of vitality and joy.

I love what I do!