Here are just some of the things my amazing clients have said about what I do and what I provide them. I take such pride in the people I have helped through their struggle with stress and the challenges of their lives. I love what I do!

“I absolutely love your approach and you/your style are what people need more of. To provide the tools, access, education, and resources to empower growth and optimize mind and body. Thank you for all you do!”

CEO and President

“Working with Cynthia made a challenging situation a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Not only was she sympathetic and patient, but she was also insightful, and offered excellent advice. She was willing to listen to my concerns without judgment, yet she was able to realistically guide me away from certain directions that were counterproductive in my relationship with my son without shaming, and in a way that allowed me to retain my dignity and my own personality.

Cynthia was also incredibly flexible with her time, allowing me and my son to meet her outside of normal office hours, which was an enormous help considering the scheduling conflicts that I had to deal with.

I would recommend Cynthia wholeheartedly to any parent who was hoping to establish better connections and relationships with their children. She was an enormous help to me and I know I can count on her in the future should I need help again.”


From the mother of an estranged adult child whom I counseled:

“I was going to call you and tell you that we had a great evening with our son last Thursday. We met at our favorite restaurant and caught up and got to the elephant in the room. We had spoken at length about what our message would be and it was all based on your helpful comments.

Basically, we told them that want them back in our lives and if they want to be back, let’s move forward -no looking back! We talked openly about everything bothering anyone and ended up with hugs and I love yous! Father and son had a good talk and it was a life changing experience. Thanks so much for your guidance, advice and direction.”

Design & Manufacturing

“Learning the skills of EBT, is like having a portable stress reduction program available any time that I need it. The few hour sessions that we have had, have taught me how to manage my stress, which allows me to focus on my work, and obviously allows me to be more relaxed.  One thing I like about what you teach is that I have learned how to mitigate my stress whenever it presents itself; in my office, while in a meeting, or at a client’s office.

The benefit of your program, vs. something like yoga, is that it is 100% portable.  I can relax while doing yoga, but when I stop that activity the stress returns. Yoga is not the kind of thing I can do while driving to an appointment and what you showed me works everywhere.

Thank you for your help.”

President and CEO

“I’m different. I see that in how I respond when people have demands on me. I feel more empowered. No more putting my needs second. Emotional Brain Training is awesome! The process continues to be amazing. Cynthia, I am so excited to know you. You are in my “cycles” in my gratitude and happiness.”

Physical Therapist

“I started working with Cynthia early last year. I only worked with her 6 times. When I met her, I was dealing with some frightening issues around my father’s alcoholism. I used to get triggered being around him and then I would immediately suffer from panic attacks.

The good news is, that I literally have not had a single panic attack since I completed her 6 session treatment. I still can’t believe what wonders it did for my stress level and coping with stressful events. I can’t thank her enough and I will definitely be in touch if they


“I’m a newly-wed and at the height of a great career. I should be enjoying this fantastic stage in my life. Unfortunately, my father has been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember and in the last year his alcoholism has shifted into a non-functional and extremely toxic situation. As a result, I experienced constant sleep trouble and near-daily anxiety attacks. I felt a major shift in my ability to connect with others and deal with the emotions I was feeling. I was perpetually anxiety-stricken and unhappy. It was like a wall was rising around me and I didn’t know how to climb over it.

In January, I met Cynthia and felt an instant connection with her. I signed up for 8 sessions which I used in bi-weekly increments. It is now May and I cannot thank Cynthia enough for her kindness, attentiveness, and dedication to helping me get back into a well-balanced state of mind.

Since starting her sessions in January I have experienced a significant drop in anxiety attacks and I no longer suffer from any sleep anxiety. I feel more confident in my ability to handle the stress I’m confronted with daily, and know I’ve done the best thing possible in protecting my own mental health. Whatever your situation may be, you will not regret working with Cynthia!”

Tax Consultant

“I have noticed several key aspects that are different now that I am learning Emotional Brain Training. The first is I really like talking to Cynthia. I can really relax and feel calm. When I do a “check in” I like that I can immediately figure out my brain state and change my brain set point. Even if I start to digress and begin to spiral down, I can become aware and stop that negative process. With regard to triggers. In the past, I had so much trouble with my boss just looking at me wrong or even hearing her voice. Because of my new skills with EBT, I don’t get triggered as much and I don’t over react. For me, this is huge.”